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new layout + updates

Date: 09/18/2018 Time: 5:41 PM
Shoutout to Emmie@Starshine for making me this lovely layout. Took me long enough to finally update and put it up. Hope you guys enjoy the new layout and updates. If you guys use/save anything, please comment the cbox so I know what to make more of! I appreciate you guys so much and I actually enjoyed getting things up for you guys. If you have any suggestions for the next update, feel free to message me on facebook! ♥ Megz

new layout + updates

Date: 09/24/2017 Time: 2:49 PM
Hope you guys love the new layout as much as I do. Britt made it for my birthday, which was in June, but I had so many people wanting to order cutouts that I did orders for a while and kind of neglected my site. Hope you guys enjoy the new updates! If you'd like to see anything specific, either comment the c-box or send me a message on facebook. ♥ -Megz

taking a break, i guess

Date: 06/24/2017 Time: 4:23 PM
I am kinda swamped at the moment with cutout orders so I haven't had much time to make any updates. After these few orders are completed, I plan on not taking any orders for a while so I can focus on pixieskull for a bit. I just wanted to give you guys a little update on why there aren't any updates. I plan to be back soon. Thanks for understanding. ♥ -Megz

welcome ♥

Date: 05/07/2017 Time: 6:07 PM
Welcome to my new site. My host was very kind and bought me my own my domain♥. My wifey, Britt, made my layout♥. I have some updates for you guys. Currently working on getting more stuff up. Stay tuned and don't forget to like the facebook page for udpates ♥ -Megz

Sorry for the lack of updates

Date: 03/20/2017 Time: 2:11 AM
Work was so exhausting last week because I worked all nights in a row. This week I am barely scheduled any hours because I put in my two weeks and am switching to another Subway closer to my house. The one I currently work at is 17 minutes from my house but I still don't have my own vehicle so I'd rather work at a place within walking distance just in case I can't find a ride. I really need to buy a 2 liter bottle of soda or something so I can do that dime challenge thing.
Also I currently have two orders in progress for my webstore and I am slowly getting those done. Currently webstore is closed until I get both orders done. Thanks for understanding ♥ -Megz